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Physical Therapist

We help active adults ditch their pain and get back to their favorite activities!

Core Power PT Clinic

(Located inside All Around Fitness)

1120 International Pkwy

Ste 139

Fredericksburg, VA 22406

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: By appointment only


Mobile, Clinic and Virtual Physical Therapy

Online Coaching





Get Out of Pain

In this phase we focus on identifying your specific pain triggers, in order to make exercise and lifestyle modifications to reduce your pain.

Resistance Exercise Band

Address Root Cause

Next, we are address the underlying root cause of your symptoms in order to prevent worsening or recurrence of your symptoms.

Weightlifting exercises



Now we get to the fun part! Focusing on the activities you love and helping you perform and feel your best while doing them!


Find out what our clients are saying...

Amelia F.

"Amber and I met through the powerlifting community and not only is she a supportive lifting teammate, but she's been a big help to me as I navigate overuse injuries and imbalance issues. She provides thorough explanations and never advised that I stop lifting competitively. Whether you're an avid gym goer/lifter or a person with nagging pain or tightness, Amber is super talented and will do whatever she can to not only eliminate those issues but equip you to avoid them in the future."

Kyle C.

"I saw Amber for physical therapy for 3 months. She works with you, at your pace, and ensures you understand everything you're doing to heal your body. It's evident she loves her job and really knows her stuff. She was wonderful to work with and I highly recommend."

Shanna S.

"I highly recommend working with Amber! She listened carefully to my story and tried different techniques until we found solutions that worked. She understands the importance of strength as it related to overall health and strives to get you healthy again, not just out of pain."

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