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Mobile, Clinic and Virtual Physical Therapy

Online Coaching

Who is this for?

We work with female and male active adults who may be dealing with...

 - Shoulder pain with overhead pressing -

- Back or hip pain with squatting - 

- Knee or foot pain with running - 

- Recovery from shoulder, back, hip or knee surgery - 

Heavy Weights

Treatment Options & Pricing

We offer a variety of treatment options to meet each clients individuals needs!

Mobile Visits - 60 minute session in the comfort of your own home - $175

Clinic Visits - 60 minute session in our gym based clinic - $175

Virtual Visits (available to VA residents only) - 60 minute visits done remotely - $175

Coaching - Monthly check in and individualized programming - $200/month

DISCLAIMER: Core Power PT is a fee for service provider. We do not work directly

with any insurance companies. We can provide you with a superbill for you

to submit for reimbursement. Reimbursement is based on your individual insurance

plans out of network benefits.

We accept cash, check, Zelle or credit/debit cards (including HSA/FSA cards).

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